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More inspiration.
This photo found at flickr.

A journal for my garden is what I am told I should be keeping. A place to document success and failures, what grows and what does not, names, dates, seed numbers, and time. It’s all about what time you plant your seeds and till the soil. A relationship one must have with that moon. A lunar marriage between soil and flesh.

Okay, send to me your address. Join us on this Traveling Journals journey.



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Photo found HERE.

Back in the Journalspace days, even the Theme Stream era, a variety of writing projects seem to gain interest among members. For one, a story was written by multiple writers/bloggers and it got started with a few words written by a blogger. Following was a sequence of pages written by each reader who added their own continuing story line. The story got quite interesting and took a variety of curves since each writer had their own idea of what happened to who and what should be.

On the JS blog site, entries written by bloggers were very short. I recall these entries much longer on Themestream. TS served a different purpose thus the writing was taken much more seriously. Regardless, it was a fun writing activity and made for a very interesting story.

Right now I do not quite have enough people yet signed up for my circle journal project but I sure would enjoy starting a story stream as I described above. I need to find a community of writers who would be interested.

If you want to participate in the current Traveling Journals project, please send to me your name and mailing address as well as your email address. Additional instruction will be provided here.


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Photo found here
Several locals who are participating in this journal project asked, “what are you wanting us to write in the book?” Of course I tell them to read this blog! In case you are reading this with the exact same question, I will give you some ideas and inspiration. Afterall, some have never heard of such a journal project or kept any kind of journal like this.

First of all, you don’t need to worry about how good you are at writing, painting, drawing, or scribbling. You don’t need any kind of special pen, quill, brush, or pencil. Here are some ideas:

1. Fingerpaint your name and a flower.
2. Sketch with a number 2 pencil a picture of your dog and take a piece of blue ribbon, trim it and put it on his neck in the picture. Afterall, he is your #1!
3. Cut a picture out of a magazine or newspaper that really moves you that day and paste it on the page.
4. Post a photo you took or scanned of your feet in the sand.
5. Write a poem or write an already written poem, just be sure to give credit.
6. Write the alphabet in really fancy form using gel pens.
7. Using crayons, draw a picture of your day outside.

More to come!